Water Restrictions

6/25/18 - Update

Central Weld County Water District (CWCWD) is requesting implementation of certain water conservation measures. The actual notice received is below.

CWCWD has informed the Town that these conservation measures will provide the system stability during the hotter and dryer summer months. The Town of Firestone is maintaining near constant communication with CWCWD to both understand the scope of any potential problem and to provide residents with the most up-to-date information possible.

Any additional requests or changes from CWCWD will be posted on the Town website at www.firestoneco.gov or CWCWD website at www.cwcwd.com.

CWCWD 6-25-2018 Water Restriction Request


Firestone water customers, with the area experiencing above average temperatures and minimal precipitation so far this irrigation season, water consumption is increasing in the area.  Central Weld County Water District (CWCWD), who treats the Town’s potable water supply, is experiencing record setting demands for usage throughout their service area. CWCWD has been able to keep up at this pace thus far, and due to the extremely high demands, CWCWD has chosen to be cautious at this time to avoid future delivery problems.  Starting June 25, 2018 CWCWD will be implementing mandatory outdoor water restrictions.  Click CWCWD Water Restrictions Notice for additional information.