Inside Firestone

Inside Firestone

Posted on: August 11, 2017

Meet our Flag Contest Winner

2017 Flag contest winner Eli C. with Mayor Sorensen

Photo of Mayor Sorensen and Eli with the 2017 flag he designedWhen Elias C. heard about the Town of Firestone’s flag design contest earlier this year, he got right to work studying up on best practices of flag design to position himself for his big win. Eli submitted the winning flag design entry in the Town’s inaugural contest, selected by members of the Town’s Cultural Committee and Board of Trustees, offering this description of his flag:

“The flag I designed for the city of Firestone has many aspects that show the fair city best. The green bar symbolizes prosperity and farmland. The white bar symbolizes the St. Vrain trail. The blue bar symbolizes the St. Vrain river, which is to the north. Finally, the five rising black stars symbolize the five coal mines that gave birth to the town. This is a flag that represents Firestone to its fullest.”

The 12-year-old Firestone resident, shared with Inside Firestone a bit about how he prepared his contest entry. Not being an artist, Eli researched the topic of flag design by listening to the “99% Invisible” podcast, which focuses on design and architecture and is produced in San Francisco. He took the advice of these expert designers to heart, noting that the best flag designs can be recognized from 100 feet away, use fewer than five colors, don’t include letters or seals and shouldn’t be too complex.

Indeed, his strategy paid off and resulted in a winning formula. Mayor Paul Sorensen recognized Eli and his winning flag design at the 4th at Firestone event, inviting him on stage to say a few words. Though it was the largest crowd he’s ever spoken in front of, Eli controlled his nerves by treating it like one of his sporting events before sharing the symbolism of his flag design with the crowd.

With a passion for math, science and weather, Eli aspires to be a meteorologist someday. If he applies the same methodical approach to that goal as he used for his preparations for the flag contest, there’s no doubt he’ll achieve great things.

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