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Mosquito Control
The Public Works Department handles mosquito control operations for the Town.

How Often Does the Town Spray and Larvicide?
The Town of Firestone sprays and larvicide as needed. Each season is different, so the frequency of how often the Town will spray and larvicide will vary. Mosquito traps are set in strategic locations throughout Town to determine mosquito type and population. If there is an increase in mosquito population the Board of Trustees makes the decision to change the mosquito control schedule.

On What Days Does Spray and Larvicide Take Place?

The Town generally sprays on Monday and Thursday evenings, weather permitting, at the height of mosquito activity in order to eliminate a larger population of mosquitos. Spray and larvicide takes place between the hours of 8:30 and 10 p.m.

What Chemical are Used for Spraying?

Mosquito Spray
  • Anvil 2 + 2 ULV
  • Biomist 3 + 15 ULV
Mosquito Larvicide
  • VectoBac CG
  • Altosid XR
  • VectoLex CG
*These chemicals are less toxic than aspirin and table salt. Chemical information sheets can be obtained at the Firestone Town Hall, 151 Grant Ave.

For more information on pesticides used for mosquito control and for information on West Nile Virus protection, visit or