Street Maintenance


The Town of Firestone’s Public Works Department operates on a monthly maintenance schedule for routine tasks such as: right-of-way mowing, grading, street sweeping, crack sealing and fixing potholes and addressing signage issues.  The schedules below are all subject to change and are dependent on weather and other major projects that arise.  Click on the image of each schedule to have a printable version. 

For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at 303-833-3544.

Summer Street Maintenance Schedule

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Tips for Street Sweeping Days

  • Remove items from the curb on sweeping days
  • If possible, move vehicles from the street to allow sweeping operations
  • Trim back branches near the street to prevent trees and equipment from damage
  • Drivers should give street sweepers plenty of room and only pass when safe to do so

Crack Sealing Schedule

Crack Sealing is an important maintenance process for the Town of Firestone roads.  Due to the variability of needs on each road in all neighborhoods, there is not a set schedule for this maintenance task.  In 2019, the order in which neighborhoods will be addressed is as follows: 

  • Stoneridge
  • St. Vrain Ranch
  • Ridgecrest/Sagebrush
  • Oak Meadows/Mountain Shadows/Shores
  • Business Park Circle
  • Jake Jabs
  • Monarch Estates/Neighbor’s Point
  • Booth Farms
  • Old Town