Street and Traffic Signage

The Town of Firestone often receives requests to place stop signs to control speeds within a particular area. The Town follows strict standards set by the Federal Highway Administration as outlined in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. 

When stop signs are installed but are not warranted there are often unintended consequences:

  • Drivers Won't Stop - Unneeded stop signs are frequently ignored. Drivers on the major street either roll through, or run through, the stop sign because, in their experience, there is little cross-traffic. This puts pedestrians and cross-traffic at risk. Residents frequently complain that drivers do not come to a complete stop at 4-way stop signs. If you observe motorists at many 4-way stops, you would find that nearly half of the drivers fail to make the required stop.
  • Stop Signs Don't Slow Speeds - Numerous studies nationwide have shown that speeds within a block of the stop sign are largely unaffected by the stop. Naturally, motorists have to slow down when approaching a stop sign. But, they often speed up quickly after the stop to make up for lost time or out of frustration. Overall speeding is not reduced by the stop sign and frustrated drivers do not drive safely.
  • Stops Increase Noise and Pollution - Stopping and starting cause increased tire and engine noise. Residents living near the stop will experience an increase in traffic noise. Stopping and idling at unwarranted stop signs also increase automobile exhaust and fuel consumption unnecessarily. Intersections where stop signs occur also tend to deteriorate faster resulting in increased road maintenance costs.

Street Lights

To report street light outages, please contact United Power at 303-637-1350 or complete the online form.

Street Sweeping

street sweeping

Street sweeping plays a vital role in keeping Firestone’s streets, air and water clean. The Town's street sweeping program removes dirt, leaves and debris from Town streets.

Street Sweeping Schedule

Street sweeping takes place the first week of each month, weather permitting. 

Monday - Historic Town and Overlook

Tuesday - St. Vrain Ranch and Ridgecrest

Wednesday - Oak Meadows, Mountain Shadows and Monarch Estates

Thursday - Booth Farms, Sagebrush, Business Park Circle, Jake Jabs Boulevard, and Firestone Boulevard and Colorado Boulevard intersection

Friday - Stoneridge and Saddleback Heights

Tips for Street Sweeping Days

  • Remove items from the curb on sweeping days
  • If possible, move vehicles from the street to allow sweeping operations
  • Trim back branches near the street to prevent trees and equipment from damage
  • Drivers should give street sweepers plenty of room and only pass when safe to do so
  1. Public Works

    Physical Address
    7500 Pine Cone Ave.
    Firestone, CO 80504


    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 100
    Firestone, CO 80520

    Phone: 303-833-3544
    Fax: 303-833-3565

    For after-hours or weekend emergencies please call 720-652-4222.

  2. Kelly Arke

    Public Works Foreman - Streets