Carbon Valley Transit Service Feasibility Study

The adopted comprehensive and master plans for the three Carbon Valley communities of Firestone, Frederick and Dacono include goals and policies encouraging use of alternatives to automobile travel, including public transit. In conjunction with those goals, the Towns of Firestone and Frederick and the City of Dacono applied for and received an FTA 5304 planning grant through the Colorado Department of Transportation.

The Town of Firestone agreed to administer the grant per intergovernmental agreements with the other communities. The grant was intended to evaluate the need for transit services in the three Carbon Valley communities (Frederick, Firestone and Dacono), as well as portions of southwest Weld County. Frederick, Firestone and Dacono each provided funds to match the FTA grant dollars as required by that particular grant. This report documents the data collected, alternatives analyzed and recommendations made as a result of this study.

Carbon Valley Transit Service Feasibility Study

Smart Commute Metro North

Smart Commute Metro North is a Transportation Management Organization founded in May 2012 by the 12 jurisdictions, including Firestone, that are part of the North Area Transportation Alliance (NATA). Smart Commute Metro North's service is focused on the Interstate 25 corridor north of I-70, but interests and efforts include Colo. Highway 7, US Highway 85 and Fast Tracks North Metro Rail corridor. The Concierge Commute Program is a ride sharing program available in the area by Smart Commute Metro North.
Concierge Commute flyer