Mayor Pro-tem Drew Peterson

Mayor Pro_tem PetersonWhat inspired you to run for election and continues to drive your passion to serve as an elected official?

I decided to run and serve because I wanted to give to my community and foster a small-town culture with big-town amenities.

What is your professional and educational background, and what committees have you served on that benefit the Town?

I attended Texas A&M Commerce, where I studied Computer Science, and I’ve worked for 38 years in pool and recreation management and information technology.

I currently serve on the Parks & Trails Advisory Board, the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), and as a representative of the Carbon Valley Park & Recreation District.

What is relevant in your past professional experience that you apply to the Town of Firestone?

As the son of a retired Air Force officer, I lived and traveled extensively, and as a result, I’ve learned a lot about many cultures. I strive to apply my experiences to foster a great place to raise a family and thrive as a community.

What are your passions in and out of the Town, and how do you apply them to your position?

My passion is people and community. By serving as a Trustee and utilizing media to reach my neighbors, I work to foster our small-town culture while leveraging the resources of a community of our size to create a safe, positive and social place to live.

What legacy do you want to leave? 

I have no desire for a legacy other than to leave Firestone better than when I arrived.

What do you think makes the Town of Firestone unique and different?

Firestone is unique in the connection we as neighbors have for each other. When there is a need, we step up and rally around each other.