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Town of Firestone Quick Facts
Incorporated Square Miles14.2
Education Rate
93.7% High School, 47.1% AA or higher, 36.4% BA or higher, 10.5% Masters or higher
Average HH Income$109,246
Median Age34.9
Housing Units6,300
Owner Occupied84.5%
Renter Occupied15.5%
Firestone is centrally located adjacent to Interstate 25 and 30 miles from Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Denver International Airport
Town of Firestone - Sales Tax3.6%
Weld County - Sales Tax0.0%
State of Colorado - Sales Tax2.9%
Personal Property Tax29% of market value
Corporate Income Tax4.63%
Local Payroll / Occupation TaxNone
Major Employers
American Furniture Warehouse: 380
King Soopers: 201
ARC Worldwide Group: 201
Home Depot: 155
Town of Firestone: 115
Safeway: 113
Coal Ridge Middle School: 62
McDonald's 50 
Centennial Lending: 50
Centennial Elementary 48
Prairie Ridge Elementary: 48
Pepper's Fireside Grille: 45

Demographic Reports

  1. Paula Mehle

    Director of Economic Development & FURA

  1. Bobbi Sindelar

    Economic Development Manager