Outdoor Seating for Firestone Restaurants & Bars

Teriyaki Madness Outdoor Dining

Purpose and Application

Restaurants and bars (with food service) may apply for temporary outdoor seating for areas on the property of the restaurant or adjacent with the property owner's permission.  The Town of Firestone requires any temporary outdoor seating be applied for through the Town of Firestone Planning and Development Department. The purpose of this is to ensure that adequate pedestrian, handicap, and vehicular access is maintained, that no handicap parking is removed, and to ensure the safety of the business, guests, and those visiting adjacent businesses.  Property owners permission is required to ensure that they are aware of the additional business operation area and that other tenant's abilities to operate are maintained. The Town of Firestone is reducing the required parking and temporary signage regulations in association with the temporary use - outdoor dining application.

Businesses shall complete the Temporary Use Application - Outdoor Seating developed for this special limited-time situation. In addition to the application, businesses shall submit a site plan with details as indicated on the application. Property owner permission to use the area indicated on the site plan may be collected on the application or via a separate letter from the property owner and submitted with the application and site plan.

Note: Businesses that have existing specified outdoor dining areas are not required to apply for temporary use. A sidewalk in front of a business is generally not a specified outdoor dining area.  Please contact the Departments of Planning and Development or Economic Development to verify if an outdoor dining area/patio space exists.

No alcohol may be served or consumed in the Temporary Use - Outdoor Seating area without the approval of a COVID-19 Temporary Modification of On-Premises as detailed below.

Temporary Modification of Premises - Alcohol Sales and Consumption

The Colorado Liquor Enforcement has authorized the ability to expand outdoor seating temporarily through September 7, 2020 with proper application, submittal items and payment as detailed in the LED-Bulletin 20-02 Re: Emergency Regulations 47-302(F) COVID-19 Temporary Modification of On-Premises Licenses et al.  

The Colorado Liquor Enforcement requires the following be submitted to dor_led_renewals@state.co.us :

  • Permit Application and Report of Changes application; 
  • Diagram or site plan of where and how the temporary seating will be placed. You may use the same site plan for both the Town of Firestone Temporary Use - Outdoor Seating and the Temporary Modification of Premises as long as it includes placement of tables, chairs, barriers, etc. 
  • Proof of permission to use the modified area to include statements of use, permits, easements (may be the same letter as required for the Town Temporary Use application as noted above);
  • A control plan which details boundaries of the licensed premises, ingress/egress, signage, hours of operations, and preventing sales to an underage or intoxicated person. Details to be contained in the control plan may be found here

Payment for application for the amount of $150.00 shall be paid online here at https://secure.colorado.gov/payment/liquor 

A copy of all submittal items and proof of payment shall be submitted to the Town Clerk/Local Licensing Authority at the Town of Firestone 151 Grant Avenue, PO Box 100, Firestone, CO 80520 or emailed to jkoenig@firestoneco.gov 

Please email any questions related to the temporary expanded premises to dor_liqlicensing@state.co.us and/or contact the Town of Firestone Town Clerk at 303-531-6264.