Upstate Colorado Economic Development


Upstate Colorado Economic Development efforts are focused on the support of primary sector employers – those companies that derive the majority of their revenue from the sale of products or services outside the region. 

Upstate provides assistance with: 

  • Economic and demographic data; 
  • Industrial and commercial real estate database; and
  • Weld Works Labor Team for technical assistance for various workforce programs. 

The State Enterprise Zone (EZ) Income Tax Credit program for Weld County is administered by Upstate Colorado Economic Development.  The Town of Firestone has one Enterprise Zone area. Pre-Certification is required. 

This program may benefit businesses that locate or expand within the physical boundaries of the Firestone Enterprise Zone (EZ), and are planning the following business activities:

  • Creating new FTE jobs and/or providing an employer-sponsored health insurance plan;
  • Providing qualified job training programs;
  • Investing in tangible personal property, commercial vehicles, manufacturing and mining equipment, or expenditures on research and development (R&D);
  • Manufacturing or processing agricultural commodities; and or
  • Rehabilitation of a vacant building

Further details on the Enterprise Zone programs are available on the Upstate Colorado Economic Development website or contact Cassidy Stubblefield, Community Support Manager & EZ Administrator, 970-356-4565,

The Town of Firestone Economic Development team will gladly make the introduction to the Upstate team and assist with applying for the programs.