Roof Inspection Process Update

The late Spring and early Summer storms that damaged so many homes has created a backlog of roof inspections.  The Town is aware of delays and, in response, is offering a new system to reduce inspection wait times and get Firestone roof replacement projects completed more quickly.    

To help alleviate this problem, beginning August 23, 2023, through December 31, 2023, the Town of Firestone is temporarily modifying the roof inspection process. Homeowners now have three options to complete their roof inspections:

  1. Option #1 –The Town of Firestone Building Division will perform a Mid-Roof and Final Inspection at no additional cost to the homeowner. This is the standard process that is outlined in the Building Code. 
  2. Option #2 – The homeowner may hire a State of Colorado Licensed Engineer to perform the required Mid-Roof and Final Roof inspections and provide those results to the Town of Firestone per the special inspection requirements of the IBC 1704.2.4, 110.3. To complete the permit, both inspections must be received by the Town of Firestone.  This will be at the homeowner’s election, and the Town of Firestone will not be responsible for any additional expense.
  3. Option #3 – The homeowner may forego an onsite required Mid-Roof Inspection but agrees to have a required final onsite inspection performed by Town Inspectors to complete the permit.


This form will be required to be completed by the homeowner and can be submitted by:

  1. The contractor can upload the form to the Town of Firestone’s online portal, which is used for permit issuance, inspection scheduling, and licensing.
  2. The homeowner can email the form to, and it will be uploaded to the permit’s folder.
  3. The homeowner can deliver this completed document to Firestone Town Hall, Building Division, located at 9950 Park Avenue. Offices open Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  

Please note that if a homeowner chooses to forego the Mid-Roof Inspection (option 3), the homeowner must sign the document and have their signature notarized.  If necessary, a homeowner may bring the form to Town Hall, sign it in the Notary’s presence, and have it notarized at no expense. 

Please email with any questions.