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Business / Home Occupation License

  1. Licensing Fees

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    1. A nonrefundable convenience fee for all online transactions will be added upon checkout.

    2. Provide details including the type of business and products sell or manufacture or services provide.


    4. Refuse Haulers

      A performance bond of $25,000 or a cash deposit of $5,000 to the Town of Firestone shall accompany this application per Section 5.36.030 of the Firestone Municipal Code. Contact the Town at 303-833-3291 for additional specifications.

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      By signing below, you have read and agree to abide by the Town of Firestone Municipal Code and all Ordinances and Regulations and agree that your business license information (phone number, contractor/business name, license number, expiration date, email and web address) may be listed on the Town of Firestone’s public website, unless otherwise selected.

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    7. Required ONLY if your business is in Firestone:

      Complete the Firestone Police Department Business Emergency Information Form

    8. For Office Use Only:

      Reviewers Initial: Zoning Verified ____ Building Verified _____ Finance Logged _____

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