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2021 Art & Music Show Application

  1. 2021 Firestone Art & Music Show Application

    Coordinated and hosted by the Town of Firestone. In partnership with the Carbon Valley Regional Library. 

    • Artwork will be displayed at the Library as part of our Art & Music exhibit during the month of October
    • Artists can attend and participate in our Art & Music Show Reception on Friday, October 1st from 6-8 p.m. at the Carbon Valley Regional Library.
    • Artwork can also be featured on our website and highlighted throughout the month of October on our social media channels.
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  5. Artists Submissions:

    Artists will be limited to submitting 2 pieces of artwork. REMINDER: the artwork you submit with your application must be what you display for the event. Please provide the following information for your 2 art piece submissions:

  6. Only if hanging at the Library

  7. Only if hanging at the Library

  8. If interested in selling.

  9. If interested in selling.

  10. Artwork Installation & Removal

    To help streamline the installation process of the artwork, the committee and the library have set up dates for this process. Artists are required to choose one of the 2 install dates, and one of the 2 removal dates that are available. Artists will also be required to sign documentation agreeing to display at the library. If these dates do not work, please email the Events Staff at to arrange other options.

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  12. Removal Dates
  13. I understand that the Town of Firestone and its associated businesses hosting the exhibit will try to protect the materials in my exhibit, but shall assume no responsibility for loss or damage. I will not hold the Town of Firestone, the Carbon Valley Regional Library, or its associated businesses responsible for the theft, damage, fire, water, or any other kind of harm or loss. By signing below, I recognize and acknowledge that I assume the full risk of any injuries, property damage, or loss that I may sustain as a result of my participation in the art exhibit.

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