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Cancel Residential Water/Stormwater Service

  1. Water/Stormwater service is not shut off on end of service or sale dates. A water meter reading is taken to create the final bill.

  2. Is the property being sold?

    If the property is being foreclosed on please understand that the bill will not come out the owners name until the bank or affiliate of the bank contacts the Town to transfer to the service into their name. Customer will not be responsible for charges after the end of service date. Customer needs contact the company/bank responsible for the bill after the end of service date and request the company/bank to contact the Town to have water/stormwater service put in the company’s/bank name.

  3. The meter will be read on the end of service/closing date and the final water bill will be calculated and mailed on the fourth of the following month. The deposit will be applied to the final charges and the Town will bill any remaining balance or refund any credit balance.

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