Court Appearance


Court procedures can be lengthy and tiring for young children, so please leave small children with a sitter. Be prepared to take care of court business the day you are attending court, and bring any and all documentation you might need such as proof of car insurance, etc.


You should be dressed in appropriate professional attire. Clothing should be clean and neat. Hats are not allowed in the Courtroom (muscle shirts, crop tops, cut offs, short shorts or similar attire are not permitted). Individuals dressed inappropriately may be asked to return home to change clothing or be held in contempt.


Plan to arrive at court no later than 8:30 a.m. on the date of your appearance. Arriving in a timely manner is important in order for you to go through the check-in procedure and hear the advisement given prior to the actual start of court.


You may represent yourself through all the proceedings of municipal court. You may want to obtain legal advice from an attorney before you appear in court.


You should be prepared to pay fines and costs at the time of your court appearance. The court will accept payment in the form of checks, money orders, cash or credit cards.

Legal Advice

Court staff is not allowed to give out legal advice. Please seek legal advice from an attorney.


  • Smoking, food or drinks are not allowed in the courtroom. 
  • Video and audio recording is prohibited in courtroom transcripts of the court proceedings are available from the Court Clerk.