Licensing & Permitting

Business License & Sales Tax Information

Any business that conducts any business activity within the Town shall obtain a Town of Firestone Business License. In addition, any business that collects sales tax shall file with the State of Colorado for the State and for the Town of Firestone, as the Town of Firestone is a Statutory Town and does not self-collect sales tax. The sales tax rate for the State of Colorado is 2.9% and for the Town of Firestone, it is 3.6% for a combined total tax rate of 6.5%*. 

Businesses operating in the Town of Firestone and the State of Colorado shall register with the State of Colorado Secretary of State in addition to obtaining a business license with the Town of Firestone. Any business transacting sales of products shall register with the State of Colorado Department of Revenue and remit applicable sales tax based on the location of the point of sales.

A quick one-stop site for filing necessary documents with the State of Colorado is:

Liquor License Information

The Town Clerk issues new and renewal liquor licenses for establishments and special events in conjunction with the State of Colorado Department of Revenue, Liquor Enforcement Division.

Contractors License Information

A contractor working within the Town of Firestone shall obtain a Town of Firestone Contractors License. Prior to issuance of permits, all contractors working on a permit shall be listed on the permit application and have a valid Town of Firestone Contractor License.


The Planning and Development Department oversees the Planning and Building Divisions. All new construction and expansions are reviewed by the Planning Division through a Final Development Plan process prior to submitting plans for building permit review and issuance. General tenant improvements and modifications may apply directly for building permits. 

At this time the Town of Firestone contracts with SAFEbuilt for building permit plan review and inspections. All plans and permits are submitted to the Town of Firestone and are routed to SAFEbuilt for review. Fees are paid to the Town of Firestone and permits are issued by the Town of Firestone.

Additional Permit Information:

*The Town tax rate for businesses located in the Firestone City Centre shopping center is 2.10% and 2.35% at the American Furniture Warehouse.  This rate is in addition to Public Improvement Fees (PIF) that the developer may require their tenants to collect on sales transactions to finance a portion of the cost for the public improvements surrounding this area.  Generally, these improvements are financed through a Special District, and the PIF collected repays the PIF debt incurred by the developers. 

The PIF at the Firestone City Centre is 3.5% and 2.25% at American Furniture Warehouse.  The PIF is NOT a tax and is NOT remitted to the State for the Town.  Instead, the PIF is a fee that becomes a part of the total cost of the sale/service, and it is subject to sales tax.  The PIF is collected on all taxable sales/services made within the outlet center and is remitted to the developer in care of Special District Management Services, Inc.

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