Community Crime Map

FPD_CommunityCrimeMap Opens in new windowThe Firestone Police Department has a new way for the public to stay informed about crime in Firestone.  An online Community Crime Map is now available. Residents can utilize the Community Crime Map from LexisNexis to see calls for service and criminal incidents in their neighborhood and throughout the Town of Firestone. Residents can also sign up for daily, weekly, or monthly reports of crime near their home or business address.

Community Crime Map automatically syncs with the Firestone Police Department’s records system to keep crime information updated online. Community Crime Map cleans and geocodes the crime data, then displays the records on a map, grid, and charts dashboard along with some basic information about the incidents, including the type of crime, location type, block-level address, date, and time.

Technology Advancement is a core initiative identified in the Firestone Police Department’s Strategic Plan. The Firestone Police Department hopes you take the time to look at the Community Crime Map and use this platform to stay informed about crime in your neighborhoods. 

This new tool is another example of the Firestone Police Department showing its commitment to providing the highest level of safety services to the Town of Firestone.