What will be done with the results?

This is a great opportunity for you to get involved in shaping Firestone's future. The survey results will be a powerful tool to help guide policy direction for the Firestone Board of Trustees and Town Staff and help prioritize projects within the Town.

Information obtained through the survey will assist with:

  • Informing budget, land use, and strategic planning decisions
  • Measuring government performance
  • Assessing support for local policies
  • Monitoring trends in resident opinion
  • Benchmarking service ratings
  • Communicating with residents

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1. How did you get my address?
2. I received your survey, and while I own the property that it was sent to, I don’t live there. What should I do?
3. I received the survey, but I live outside of the Town of Firestone. Should I complete the survey?
4. If I filled out the survey online when I first received the postcard, should I fill out the paper survey?
5. I did not receive a survey, but I would like to share my opinion. How can I participate?
6. What is the purpose of requesting the person who most recently had a birthday complete the survey?
7. Can we rely on the results of the survey?
8. What will be done with the results?
9. Why am I asked for my email and ZIP code after completing the survey online?