What do I do if I see trash or junk piled up somewhere?

Accumulations of litter, junk, and debris are not allowed on property anywhere in the town. 

For a complete list of what’s included under the definition of Junk and Litter, refer to the Firestone Municipal Code. (Firestone Municipal Code 8.03.020 & 8.03.230)

If you’re concerned about a location with litter, junk, or debris on a property, please contact the Neighborhood Services Division.

If you are given notice for litter prohibited, you will generally have 10 days to remove the litter from your property or you may be cited.

Once a year, Firestone residents can bring unwanted household debris to Firestone’s Public Works facility at 7500 Pine Cone Ave (WCR 20).  Click here for more information on Firestone’s Clean Up Day.

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1. What do I do if I see trash or junk piled up somewhere?
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