What can be done about an abandoned vehicle parked on the street?

Vehicles that are parked further than 50 feet from the owner’s property for longer than 24 hours may be considered abandoned. Inoperable or junk vehicles must be stored in a completely enclosed structure and may not be parked on public streets. Restoration of hobby vehicles must be done in either a completely enclosed garage or a side or back yard behind a solid fence at least 6 feet tall.

  • Concerns about vehicles parked on public streets should be directed to the Community Services Unit by calling non-emergency police dispatch at 720-652-4222.
  • Concerns about vehicles parked on private property may be directed to the Neighborhood Services Unit by email at nso@firestoneco.gov or (303) 833-3291 Ext. 5516.

If you are given notice for a junk vehicle on your property, you will have 10 days to remove the vehicle or you may be cited for having an abandoned, junk, or inoperable vehicle on your property. 

ReadMore: Firestone Municipal Code 8.03.220

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