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Final Water/Stormwater Request

  1. New Owners Information (Buyer)
  2. The Town of Firestone will not transfer water service or stormwater service into the buyers name without a completed residential water/stormwater application and the required water deposit being received by the Town of Firestone.
  3. Current Owners Information (Seller)
  4. Title Company Information

    Please wait for the bill mailed on the fourth of each month.

    The Utility Department asks that a $100 escrow be held for the address above during the winter months and a $200 escrow be held for the address above during the summer months. If $100 or $200 is not sufficient escrow the Utility Department will contact you by fax with a specific amount listed after receipt of this form.

    The Utility Department will not contact you further unless a higher escrow amount is needed.

    If this property is vacant, been foreclosed on, or is in the process of being foreclosed on please call town hall and get a verbal status of the account.

    The Town of Firestone requires that all new residents fill out a residential water/stormwater application at Town Hall, 9950 Park Avenue  Firestone, CO. 80504. If the water/stormwater application is not completed and submitted with a water deposit a water/stormwater account will not be set up for the new owner. Please understand that water/stormwater will not be transferred out of title companies or sellers' names until the application and deposit are received.

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