Firestone taxes and fees are intended to be as low as possible, yet adequate to provide necessary and quality public services.

Property Taxes

The current mill levy for the Town of Firestone is 6.805 mills.

Property tax valuations and assessments are processed by the Weld County Assessor. For more information on this process, please visit the Weld County Assessor.

To make a property tax payment, please visit the Weld County Treasurer.

Sales Tax Rates

Town of Firestone - 3.6 percent
State of Colorado - 2.9 percent

Sales Tax Collection

As a statutory municipality, sales taxes for the Town of Firestone are collected by the State of Colorado. A sales tax license is required by both the Town and State:

  • Town of Firestone
  • State of Colorado - Colorado Department of Revenue (licensing and payments)

Sewer Tap Fees and Rates

As a resident of Firestone there are sewer tap fees and rates charged. For more information, visit the St. Vrain Sanitation District or call 303-776-9570.

Use Tax

Town of Firestone - 2.6 percent of half the total valuation of the building

These taxes are calculated and paid when a building permit is issued.

* Certain properties in Firestone may be subject to other taxes, rates, fees and charges.