Animal Control

The Firestone Police Department currently employs three community services officers that in addition to code enforcement also cover animal control issues within the Town limits. All animal control ordinances can be found under Title 6 of the Firestone Municipal Code. Most common animal control concerns include dogs running at large, animal licensing, barking concerns, leash laws and pet limits.

Report Animal Issues

To report an animal issue please click here.

Animal Bans

Firestone does not have a breed ban for specific breeds of dogs, but does not permit ownership of aggressive or dangerous animals.

Animal Bites

Colorado State law requires that all animal bites be reported to the local police department. Any bite that breaks the skin must be reported as the animal must be placed under a 10 day quarantine hold to ensure no disease transmission has taken place. A report will also be filed with the Weld County Health Department.

Animal Feces

When walking your pet, please remember all solid waste must be removed immediately. This includes horses.

Animal Impound

Animal control only picks up dogs that are at large and does not handle felines or wildlife. Due to Department of Agriculture Regulations, impounded animals are taken to the Longmont Humane Society at 9595 Nelson Road in Longmont. Animals will be available for release during regular business hours at the Humane Society with all impound fees due to them.

Animal Limits Per Household

Firestone has a limit on the number of animals allowed per household, which is:
  • Any combination of dogs and cats over the age of four months of age,not to exceed four total.
  • There is not a limit for pocket pets or reptiles.
  • Livestock, sheep, goats, hogs, rabbits, ducks, geese, other foul, roosters or wildlife kept as pets are not permitted.

Backyard Chicken Hen

A permit is required before one can legally own and keep chicken hens within the Town limits and is available through the Code Enforcement. No more than 4 chicken hens are permitted per single family residence and must be kept within an enclosed coop.  Roosters are not allowed

Please Note: Many homeowner association bylaws do not allow chickens or poultry of any kind. Applicants should check their HOA bylaws to confirm that chicken hens are permitted prior to filling out a Town application.

Barking Dog Disturbance

Animal control will investigate barking dog disturbance complaints. The dog must be barking in a constant, excessive, continuous, persistent, habitual manner to be considered a nuisance.

Responsible Pet Program

The Firestone Police Department Animal Control division has begun an education program for responsible pet ownership. Through ongoing educational social media posts on the police department’s Facebook page, local pet owners will learn the importance of vaccinations, spay and neutering, licensing, leashes and more.

Animal owners found in violation of Town ordinances will be given educational materials explaining the importance of policies, and could potentially receive a summons with a mandatory court appearance.

The Community Services Officers will also handle animal cruelty, neglect and abandonment cases.