Water Initiatives & Partnerships

Hand holding water dropMuch like many other communities along the Front Range, the Town of Firestone has had to think creatively to ensure that the demands of raw water and treated water can be met over the next 50+ years.

Historically the Town has been reliant solely on water from the Colorado-Big Thompson Project.  This source is treated through the Carter Lake Filter Plant located near Carter Lake.   Due to the Carter Lake Filter Plant location, the Town has been limited on types of water sources available to be accepted to address current and future demands.  That is where creative thinking has come in to play. What can we do as a community to secure water for today's residents and the Firestone community's future?        

In March of 2020, the Board of Trustees adopted the 2020-2050 Water Action Plan to address these concerns.  This Water Action Plan will help assure the Town of Firestone is on a path to water independence and diversify our water portfolio and open the doors for growth in this community.  

  1. Julie Pasillas

    Director of Public Works