Firestone Reservoirs & Wells


The Town is developing the Firestone Reservoir No. 1 as a non-potable irrigation and augmentation reservoir. In addition to being operated to support the non-potable irrigation system, Reservoir No. 1 will store water to replace return flows required as part of the change case and facilitate necessary replacements under the augmentation plan. Under the terms of the change case and augmentation plan, the reservoir will make releases to St. Vrain Creek to replace historical return flows from native water rights changed to municipal uses. It will also be used to deliver water to St. Vrain Creek to augment out-of-priority pumping from the irrigation wells and the alluvial wells that will feed the St. Vrain Water Authority Treatment Plant.  In addition, the reservoir can be utilized to make direct deliveries to the St. Vrain Water Authority Treatment Plant. 

Reservoir No. 1

  • 2016: purchase and sale agreement
  • 2020: design inlets and outlets
  • 2021: construction of inlet and outlet structures 

Reservoir No. 2

  • 2023-2026: exercise option, design and build infrastructure 


Wells will deliver native water to parks and native water to St. Vrain Water Authority Treatment Plant, and will dispose of treatment rejects.

FAST Vertical

  • 2020: completed drilling 

FAST Horizontal

  • 2021: drilling will be completed

Both of the FAST (Firestone Alleuvial Supply and Treatment) wells will supply ground water to the SVWTP, to be treated, and ultimately delivered to customers.  The expected delivery from these wells will range from 300-1,000 GPMs, depending on the demand.

Mountain Shadows Well – at Mountain Shadows Park

  • Not currently active, part of the water court case

Supply groundwater (non-potable) to Mountain Shadows Park for irrigation and other uses, in time, will eliminate the use of treated water as a source for this park's irrigation. 

Deep Injection Well

  • 2020-2021: EPA Permit 
  • 2020: Complete well design
  • 2021: Drilling, construction, completion of infrastructure 

The deep injection well will dispose of reverse osmosis reject water by injecting reject water 10,000 feet deep into the ground while following EPA guidelines.

Potential Well Sites

  • Firestone Trail Well Field
  • FAST North Well Field
  • St. Vrain Sanitation District Well Field