Occasionally, the Town Board acts in an adjudicatory, or “quasi-judicial”, manner. In that capacity, the Town Board operates, not as a legislature, but more like a court. In a quasi-judicial proceeding, the Town Board is not setting new policy, but applying the standards in an existing ordinance, statute or regulation to facts presented at a hearing, similar as to how a judge would act. In other words, much like a court would at a trial, the Town Board is applying the law to the facts gathered at a public hearing to arrive at its decision. Quasi-judicial proceedings usually only involve individual properties and are not effective Town-wide. 

For example, when the Town Board hears a land use application on a specific property or development, it is generally operating in its quasi-judicial, or adjudicatory, capacity.

  • Read the Quasi-Judicial FAQ’s here

Development Review Applications

Click here to view the most current Accepted Development Review Applications.

The Accepted Development Review Applications spreadsheet includes land use applications that have been accepted by the Town of Firestone’s Planning & Development Department. 

This document is updated weekly, typically on Wednesday mornings.  Highlighted in yellow, are applications that are new that week. Those that are highlighted in green show changes in status. Applications that have “Quasi-Judicial” in the Authority/Procedure column, indicate that they will follow Quasi-Judicial procedures.

For more information on this report or Quasi-Judicial proceedings, please contact the Planning & Development Department at 303-833-3291.