External Special Event Application

The Town of Firestone prides itself on hosting and coordinating a wide range of Town-sponsored events and festivals for its residents to enjoy. Firestone is also a great location in which organizations and individuals may choose to host a special event. 

What is a Special Event?

An external special event means an organized procession or assembly of 50 or more people requiring the exclusive use of all or a portion of a public right-of-way, public park, recreation area, or other Town facilities; involving the temporary closure of public rights-of-way; requiring traffic control, or creating a public safety hazard. Examples of special events include but are not limited to, festivals, celebrations, carnivals, races, parades, fundraisers, fairs, rodeos, camps, and other similar activities. 

External Special Event Application Process 

The Town of Firestone’s Special Event office will act as the single point of contact with the Town and will coordinate most approvals internally. The Events & Programming Coordinator can answer questions event planners may have about conducting a special event in the Firestone community. The success of each event relies upon an event planner providing the Town with complete and detailed information. The Town’s role is not to plan the special event, but to help the event planner with the process, approve required permits and applications, and help to head off any potential problems or concerns. 

External Special Event Application 

If your event is constituted as an External Special Event, please fill out the form below or download the writeable version and submit the completed copy to our Events & Programming Coordinator. Applications can also be turned in at Town Hall. Once received, further forms and Event planners are asked to submit this application at least 60 days prior to the event date. Rushed processing will accrue additional fees and may be subjected to modifications. 

Additional Resources: 

* The Carbon Valley Park & Recreation District manages the scheduling of athletic fields in Firestone and the reservation of the Cove in the Barefoot Lakes area. If you wish to reserve or host a special event utilizing any athletic fields, please contact the district directly at  303-833-3660. Additional fees will be determined and invoiced by the district and will be the responsibility of the event holder.

Review Process:

The Town of Firestone will conduct a review process upon receipt of the application and will contact the event planner when the application has been completely processed by all of the appropriate departments, or if there is incomplete information or something that requires modification. Approval or denial of your application will occur approximately 30 days prior to your event.

Once the application has been approved and appropriate fees have been paid, the event planner will receive a Special Event Permit from the Town.

The Town of Firestone charges a $100 non-refundable fee to submit your special event application. In addition, supporting agencies that are part of the review process may have additional applicable fees. Not all fees may be applicable to your event. An invoice for fees owed will be created upon application approval and must be paid before the permit is created.