Neighborhood Block Parties

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  1. Kaycee Lott

    Special Events Coordinator

  2. Nallely Lara Miramontes

    Special Events Aide

The Town of Firestone values events as a way to maintain friendliness and connections with neighbors and other residents. Block Parties are localized, self-organized events that benefit the entire Town by creating welcoming, close-knit communities.

A block party permit allows you to:

A block party permit allows you to:

  • close a street in your neighborhood for the gathering
  • invite a food truck to your block party to serve food
  • invite your neighbors for a community-building event
  • obtain an open container permit to responsibly serve alcohol

You will be required to obtain the permission of your neighbors to close the street. Contacting your neighbors personally and getting their signatures will demonstrate neighborhood support for the event. Make sure your completed application is submitted no less than 30 days from the intended date of your event. Applications submitted less than 30 days from the date of the event will not be considered for approval.

What you will need to submit:

If you are ready to proceed with your Block Party application, there are a few items needed to ensure a complete application. You may want to prepare these items before beginning the application.

  • Block Party Application - Writeable PDF (email to
  • A site plan sketch showing barricades for road closures, tents, tables and any other party items
  • Subsequent forms will be provided for you to fill out if you will be hiring a food truck, serving alcohol, or will be closing a street