Standards & Specifications

Design Standards & Construction Specifications for Public Improvements, 2022 Edition

The Town of Firestone adopted the Design Standards and Construction Specifications for Public Improvements, 2022 Edition on December 8th, 2021. These standards and specifications provide the minimum requirements that must be followed for the design and construction of all public improvements within the Town.

Section 100: General Requirements

General Requirements | Standard Notes - Construction

Section 200: Acceptance Procedures

Acceptance Procedures

Section 300: Site Work

Site Work | Standard Notes - Grading

Section 400: Concrete Work

Concrete Work | Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk Details

Section 500: Roadway & Asphalt Design

Roadway & Asphalt Design | Street Details | Standard Notes - Roadway

Section 600: Water System

Water System | Water Details | Standard Notes - Water

Section 700: Sanitary Sewer System

Sanitary Sewer | Sanitary Sewer Details | Standard Notes - Sewer

Section 800: Storm Drainage System

Storm Drainage System | Storm Sewer Details | Standard Notes - Storm

Section 900: Traffic Signals

Traffic Signals | Traffic Signals Details