Police Record Requests

Requesting a Firestone Police Department Record

The Firestone Police Department, through its Police Clerk, administers criminal justice records as defined by C.R.S. § 24-72-302. The maintenance, inspection and dissemination of the criminal justice records shall be in accordance with state statutes and the policy and procedures promulgated by the Firestone Police Department. If the records requested are criminal justice records, the requestor must file a records request with the Firestone Police Department.

Fees may apply for record requests as outlined below. 

Traffic Accident Reports

The Firestone Police Department offers traffic accident reports online through Docview. Docview is the most trusted provider of accident reports to citizens and insurance carries in the United States. Reports are typically available online within 24 hours, excluding holidays and weekends. 

To access the reports by date and incident number, visit www.docview.us.com.

Firestone Police Department Schedule of Fees

  • VIN Checks - $15 for non-residents
  • Fingerprints - $15 for non-residents
  • Photo copies/reports - $0.25 per page (No fee for crime victims)
  • Tele-faxed copies - $1.25 per page
  • Certified copies - $1.25 per page
  • Notary fee - $1.25 per page
  • Research/Admin fee - $15 per hour (time required in excess of fifteen minutes); $20 per hour (for exceptionally voluminous requests estimated to take in excess of three hours of staff time.)
  • Clearance Letters - $10 per document
  • Insufficient Check - $35
  • Sex Offender: New Registration - $75; Annual Registration - $25, Quarterly - $25
  • Dog Impounds - $45, plus $15 per day boarding fee
  • Traps - $50 deposit, returned after use 
  • Postage/Mailing fees - Actual cost applicable on mail requests
  • Photographs - $15 plus cost of copies
  • Video Disc - $15 per disc
  • Audio Disc - $15-$66 per disc (recorded in ¼ time)
  • BRAC - $6

The fees set forth above are subject to change without notice. Fees are to be paid at the time of service or when documents are made available for copying or inspection, except that the Court/Police Clerk may require an advance deposit of research fees for research estimated to be in excess of two hours for complying with a request. Copying cost must be paid prior to the times copies are made and provided to the requestor. The above fees are adopted pursuant to Colorado law, including but not limited to, C.R.S. Sections 16-22-108, 24-72-303(1) and 24-72-306.