Property & Evidence

Property is released by appointment only Monday – Friday 9:00am until 4:00pm.  To set up an appointment call 303-833-0811 ext. 3050 or email .  The Evidence department is closed on all major holidays.

Release of firearms will require a background check.

Found Property/Unclaimed Property

Notice is hereby given that the following listed property is in the custody of the Firestone Police Department.  Property must be claimed within thirty (30) days of the expiration of the posting of this notice.   Shall no person come forward to claim the property within the 30 days, any claim of ownership shall be deemed waived, and the property deemed forfeited and the sole property of the town.  Property will be disposed of in accordance with Section 2.50.030 of the Town of Firestone Municipal Code.

Claimants must provide proof of ownership to include but not limited to personal Identification, serial numbers, photographs and/or accurately describing items.

  1. Denise Mathews

    Police Property & Evidence Technician
    Phone: 303-833-0811 ext. 3815

Case # Description Location Publish Date
23FI00750 Cell Phone - Motorola Settler's Park 10/2/2023
23FI01004 Bicycle Neighbors Pkwy / Bountiful St 10/2/2023
23FI01049 Apple Watch 8196 Colorado Blvd 10/2/2023
23FI01168 Black Leather Jacket Hart Park 10/2/2023
23FI01171 Cellphone - iPhone 10000 block of Frontier St 10/2/2023